Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mega ST : Revival pt.3

Getting my Mega ST up and running and onto my home network was an achievement in itself, but since then I've found a few interesting tools to use on the network


I've been really enjoying using my PARCP-USB adapter for transferring files to and from the ST. It's quick, easy and reliable. But I came across a tool which could be really useful in situations where connecting up to another computer with the USB cable isn't ideal.

It's called UIPTool, and it's an open source project, available from

One of the great things about it is that it doesn't require the STinG networking stack (in my previous post I documented the tricky process of setting this up) You just run the program and it automatically detects the network card and requests DHCP from the router. Very easy!

Once up and running, you can access the ST via a web browser from any computer on the same LAN. Directories can be browsed and files can be copied to and from the ST with ease.

James Mackenzie has put together an excellent YouTube video which shows the whole process. He has a fancy wee NetUSBee adapter, but it's exactly the same process with my hulking great EtherNEC box :-)

The UPTool author appears to be continuing to add features such as a built in FTP server and static IP support. There's certainly lots of potential for this, so one to keep an eye on.


Telstar is a Telnet client for the ST. It's available (TELSTAR.LZH) from a number of FTP sites, including this one:

Using this, I was able to access the excellent Atari-hosted DarkForce Bulletin Board System (BBS) and relive lots of 90s memories!

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Next up

Getting the Mega ST up and running and interacting with other machines on my home network and out on the internet has inspired me to dig out my original, much loved 1040 STE from my Mum's house, as well as the hundreds of floppy discs stored away for safe-keeping, and rediscover some of the software and games from my youth.

I've also managed to get myself a CosmosEx, during one of the (very short) windows of opportunity. Once it arrives it should be a lot of fun...


  1. I'm deff getting NetUSBee / uip !!
    And now you're getting a CosmosEx also!?? Wow... looking forward to that. But I doubt I'll get one, not for a long while anyhow.

    1. I really do recommend getting one!

      The CosmosEx purchase was a bit naughty... I just happened to be on the Atari Forum when the store opened and then one thing led to another ;-)