Thursday, 30 August 2007

The Future is a Cassette

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a fan of the humble cassette. Even though the CD arrived in my house nearly thriteen years ago, somehow it never quite replaced the magic of the hissy, annoyingly double-sided, snag-and-tangle-able, yet economically feasible, comfortingly tactile fusion of plastic and magnetic tape.

[I have to say that the discovery of my mystical ability to consistently fit the last track of a self-compiled mix-tape snugly in before the end of side B, was a major conributor to my rose-tinted view. Just a shame I never did summon up quite enough courage to give any of them to those girls at school...]

 So anyway, now, some clever Chinese bloke has brought the whole thing up-to-date by combining the durability and retro-chic-ness of the lovable old cassette, with the easy of use, snazziness and modernity of the flash-based mp3 player. This really is the best of both worlds - something you can carry in your pocket with headphones for those personal moments on 'the street' AND pop into your giant 80s ghetto blaster cassette deck for some shoulder-borne tuneage while hanging out beside the local basketball court.

Where do I queue?