Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Troilus and Cressida

The Royal Shakespeare Company and EIF's trouble-hit collaboration turned out to be something of a triumph, bringing one of The Great Bard's more, um, "difficult" works to the Festival with bags of epic grandeur and fake-tanned flesh.

Outstanding performances, especially, I thought, Ian Hughes as the parasitic Thersites, Paul Jesson as Pandarus and the ever-sonorous David Yelland as Ulysses.

At over three and a half hours, this could have been a real endurance test, but the excellent cast kept the action moving along swiftly throughout, and especially during the action-packed second half, never allowing the audience to become complacent.

Some utterly unnecessary nudity did detract slightly, as did the overly-camp portrayal of Achilles. I was especially impressed with the excellent scenery (there were no hitches this time) and the superb Julian Lewis Jones as Ajax who all-but stole the show.

Given the fiasco that had led to the cancelling of the previous night's performance during the interval, it was unsurprising that there was a palpable sigh of relief when the actors came out for the second half. I was very glad they did.

Saturday, 12 August 2006


"I am just a dreamer,

but you are just a dream,

You could have been

anyone to me.

Before that moment

you touched my lips

That perfect feeling

when time just slips

Away between us

on our foggy trip.

You are like a hurricane

There's calm in your eye.

And I'm gettin' blown away

To somewhere safer

where the feeling stays.

I want to love you but

I'm getting blown away."

Friday, 11 August 2006

Hot Chip

Start:     Oct 16, '06 8:00p
End:     Oct 16, '06 11:00p
Location:     The Arches, Glasgow
"We decided to write folk songs and record them on old synthesizers. We decided to sing honest words about food and love, and try to make people laugh the way you laugh at richard pryor in the same song too."

Wednesday, 9 August 2006


Start:     Aug 13, '06 5:30p
End:     Aug 13, '06 6:30p
Location:     Smirnoff Underbelly, Cowgate, Edinburgh
An antidote to seriousness.

After causing quite a stir at the festival in 2005, selling out show after show, Greedy is returning to the fringe in 2006.

This left field, slick, sexy and innovative sketch show has been leaving audiences in stitches for over a year now and has attracted a lot of TV interest.

“I laughed so much, I forgot to kill myself” Si Spencer (BBC)

Wednesday, 2 August 2006