Sunday, 18 April 2010

Elektro Fiziks

With only a slightly embarrassing delay, here we have my special Homegame mix, entitled "Elektro Fiziks" (for reasons that should be fairly obvious) pristine and ready for you to download:

For the uninitiated, every year at the Homegame Festival some kind soul organises a compilation CD lucky dip, giving everyone a chance to inflict their musical proclivities upon fellow bearded musos. Last year it proved to be a major hit and so it was something very much looked forward to again this year.

I still haven't heard from the lucky (or unfortunate - however you see it) person who picked this mix out of the hat. But it would be a shame, I think, only to inflict it upon only one person, so here it is for all and sundry to get their grubby hands on.

By now it seems almost hardly necessary to point out, having become something of a trademark, but the usual caveats do apply about appalling mixing skills. Maybe someone will teach me, one day...