Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Tomorrow is of course Scottish parliamentary election day... you were remembering, weren't you? Luckily I have taken it upon myself to come round and beat with a wet slipper any of you who don't get out and vote.

Unfortunately the stupidly complex voting system has put a lot of people off, as has the bizarre and vast range of candidates. Luckily there's a website that I've found that makes everything very simple...

You can put in your postcode to find out all about the candidates who are standing in your area, as well as see a 'virtual ballot paper' - an exact replica of what you'll be faced with tomorrow. Nicely done, sir!

Why is it that this simple use of a bit of technology has to be left to Edinburgh University (of all people!)? And why has it not been publicised at all? I had to dig through mountains of websites which all said 'contact your local return officer for more information'. This is the 21st Century!

Let's hope the Parliament and councils get their act together, webwise, for 2011...


  1. It is an excellent tool!! Edinburgh Uni did publicise this on their central news pages, which I check occasionally but obviously not often enough....although they did send us an email with an outline on the various party policies on education so that we could vote accordingly!

    The virtual ballot paper is especially useful!

    And completely agree with your rant! Maybe you should get in there on a consultancy basis to get them ready for 2011?

  2. Just want to let you know there will be no need to come round to mine to beat me with that wet slipper! :-p

    There was a nice steady flow of people through my polling station at 7.30am this morning which was good to see. It was also a painless process that took just a few minutes of my time, despite it seeming so daunting a prospect. So I hope you all (well, those of you resident in Scotland) get out there and vote (or he will be round with that slipper you know!).

  3. Thanks Neil- don't worry about the slipper I shall be voting in afew hours! You might want to check out my landlord who is running for SNP (Colin Beattie). He's a tory in nationalist's clothing and reminds me a bit too much of Fred West! Needless to say I wont be voting for that guy! Hope you're well, Em x

  4. Yikes! I'm guessing he's not on then...



  5. Now why didn't you send us the link to that site before we voted!!??!! Nice pic of Tommy - still top of the male MSP league - although think #2 is not bad myself despite his allegiance....

  6. Post-election chaos according to the papers...I guess the 2 ballot papers with 2 different voting systems could have confused some - lucky I wasn't having a blonde day yesterday!

    And despite being sexiest male MSP Mr Sheridan has lost his seat...awww....well some may say at least he's still sexy....:-p

    Hope they get the chaos sorted and it ain't as bad as the papers say!

  7. Well, I've checked turn out in my constituency and I feel I have to rant a tad. 52% turnout in Edinburgh North & Leith. Sadly poor in a democratic country! And with around 5% ballot papers spoiled too!! We should think ourselves lucky we have an opportunity to have a say at all when so many people around the world are deprived of that right! Ok, that's my wee rant over! No doubt alectronic will be busy with that wet slipper!! I have 3 candidates to put forward for a sound soggy slippering so far!!!