Thursday, 8 February 2007

MP3 : Johan Agebjoern

I'm not the only one, it seems, to have been utterly bewitched by the lovely Swedish synth-pop princess Sally Shapiro ("
Sounds so fragile and beautiful, you half expect it to melt in your mouth."
said The Guardian, "Phwoarrrr!" said a certain DJ Dod).

I'm currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of a lovely package containing a copy of her album and Rude 66-remixed single, but to keep me going until then, I've found this gem : an hour long Italo mix by her producer, Johan Agebjoern. My mental image of him as some sort of lecherous 50-year old Giorgio Moroder look-a-like could be true! All the classics are in there, as well as a couple of the aforementioned Ms. Shapiro's newies. Definitely highly recommended, despite the sleazy German DJ talking over bits of it...

Download the mix here

Sally Shapiro official site

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