Monday, 22 January 2007

Kissy Sell Out
I uniformly hate Myspace (a mixture of blind prejudice and vile snobbery, but nonetheless valid, i feel), so I must first apologise for linking to that particular arm of the Murdoch behemoth. This, however has to be witnessed. And no, I'm not talking about the horrendous, god-awful page background (my rant about Myspace turning back the web design clock a good ten years is far too long and tedious for this space).

Here we have the British answer to French electro Gods Justice. First single "Her" (one of my records of 2006) should provide good indication of the area we're in here, as will a perusal of the various remixes available from the myspace page and the related podomatic site. All top notch, gritty electro grime (if that's your bag) with basslines that'll shake your speakers to the core (as well as shaking up your mind, maaaan). And as for the Libertines remix... how much would I like to get my hands on a nice clean vinyl copy of THAT? (The measure is likely to be inverse to the likelyhood of it actually ever appearing...)

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